Robinia Compilation

Black locust Garden Table and Chairs: eco-friendly and durable choice.

The wood outdoor furniture, garden table and chairs by Levico are a perfect combination of aesthetic and quality. Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) is considered the most solid, stable and therefore durable European timber for outdoor use. Its most interesting feature is the heartwood, which is naturally very resistant to fungi and parasites. For this reason, Black locust is the only European timber that can be used outdoor in its natural state, without using impregnating chemicals.

Levico has chosen this timber for its outdoor furniture and this choice has proven to be a successful one: an excellent mix of aesthetic, quality and respect of the environment. The selected Black locust used by Levico comes from European forests that are inspected by forestry authorities. The used wood is certified by FSC ®.

Black locust furniture by Levico is an ethical choice aimed at preserving the natural balance of our planet, thanks to its high reproductive capacity and rapid growth rate, as opposed to the slow growth rate of exotic trees.